webRTC Engineer

Remote | ROOM | Experienced

As a WebRTC Engineer you will support the overall development of the web application. You will get the unique opportunity to collaborate with members in development, QA and other teams within the organization to deliver cutting edge technology, including our 3D immersive metaverse ROOM!

The role:

  • Propose improvements to the Integration layer of the web and mobile based client applications.
  • Propose improvements of our flagship web application’s integration layer for maintainability and testability.
  • Develop automated tests for the web client.
  • Support overall development of the web application.
  • Design, develop and propose code re-factors for API based re-usability.
  • Participate in daily stand-ups, prompt management issues in JIRA.
  • Provide and maintain docs, publish technical documentation on internal confluence pages.
  • Implement automated performance testing and create related reports on performance of the conferencing with different features enabled.
  • Recommend new technologies and technical solutions to improve product quality and team productivity.
  • Attend team- and product-level meetings to discuss requirements, plans, initiatives, opportunities, etc.

Qualification must haves:

  • Expertise in WebRTC protocol (RTP, ICE, TURN, STUN).
  • Experience in building and deploying production grade live audio/video applications.
  • Expertise in WebRTC Framework.
  • Exposure to audio/video codecs.
  • Experience in WebRTC optimization.
  • Comfortable in writing code at any point in the stack.

The Cherry on top!

  • SRTP knowledge.
  • A flexible and open mindset.
  • A good sense of humour!
  • The ability and motivation to work in a creative environment. Our team wants to achieve big things!
  • English working proficiency and communication skills (verbal and written). Any other language would be an advantage!