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We act as a consulting service for any partner who seeks to create solutions empowered by the Internet Of Life™ alongside us. Together we build custom products powered by RealityOS™. Fast scale and acceptance by the mainstream audience through low technological-entry barriers is key. Together we shape the world of tomorrow today.

Where real people love to meet.

ROOM is the first manifestation of the Internet Of Life™. It is powered by RealityOS™, proprietary technology created by The TMRW Foundation. 

We are social animals — we want and need to be together: being in the right place at the right time makes us bond, think, laugh and create. The right room can unlock the potential of hearts and minds. This drives us to create digital spaces which bring people together as they are used to in reality.

ROOM is an interactive 3D space where you can meet with colleagues, friends, and family. Wherever you are, you're in the same place in ROOM. Choose a space that inspires you and invite others to share and collaborate. Speak to your colleagues or friends like you would in real life. Our promise: ROOM will change the way you get together.

“At ROOM, we offer users the most playful, exciting, and socially immersive video conferencing experience for next-generation working, collaborating, and remote learning."

Cevat Yerli (Founder & CEO, The TMRW Foundation)


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MOHAP Metaverse Customer Happiness Centre.

We've worked with the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) to develop a custom built, digital customer service center. Powered by RealityOS™, this project spearheads the process of revolutionizing traditional methods of patient-provider communication.

The TMRW Foundation has developed and launched the world’s first government-sanctioned metaverse service center. The metaverse application was designed specifically for the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention (MOHAP) and debuted publically on January 25th at the Arab Health and Medlab Middle East Exhibition and Congress 2022.

This new simulated digital environment designed for MOHAP spearheads the process of replacing traditional methods of patient-provider communication by eliminating the necessity to visit a clinical practice in person.

Dubbed the Metaverse Customer Happiness Centre, this new patient-provider portal makes it possible for customers to log on to MOHAP’s website and, with the click of a button, instantly access a three-dimensional virtual medical office. The real-time multi-dimensional interface enables the public to access services such as renewal of medical licenses, payments, diagnostic appointments, check-ups, and other MOHAP-related services, all accessible regardless of whether or not the user is in the United Arab Emirates or abroad.

“The Customer Happiness Centre enables sustainable remote and real-time participation in the worlds of business and healthcare, democratizing location and empowering the public with freedom of choice.”

Cevat Yerli (Founder & CEO, The TMRW Foundation)

Other Initiatives

There's a lot coming! We're aiming to shape the future by implementing new ideas and technologies today. We’re excited to share our vision with those who seek to shape a better TMRW. Join us in creating solutions for a more empathetic, connected future.