ROOM is now available for beta users

ROOM is now available
for beta users

ROOM is a part of the Internet Of Life™, a metaverse where real people love to meet, collaborate, create, or just talk. You are transported into this virtual space as a cut-out video stream with no need for VR equipment or avatars – a spatially immersive meeting experience no other platform offers. ROOM is the only metaverse that you can enter with a real presence.

In post-modern times, traveling and meeting people across the world became a substantial element of our behaviour. But the consequences on the planet, people, and profits force us to rethink it.

The TMRW Foundation has created ROOM with decades of experience creating a world-leading gaming platform and is putting patented technology behind it. We think the Internet Of Life will change the way we get together forever. Not as a replacement for the real thing – but the second-best option: ROOM. Where real people love to meet.

ROOM is a metaverse of diverse and realistic 3D places where you can meet other people. it is simple to use for anyone with a browser and a webcam. No expensive gear is required. In ROOM there is a real presence, not cartoon avatars. And a visual perspective close to real life. Moreover, in ROOM the environment of your home is not transmitted, so your privacy and security are guaranteed. The meeting places in ROOM are a completely different experience: A realistic one.

ROOM is an answer to remote work challenges and the exploding costs of office space. It expands your possibilities to talk, create, work. Or sort things out. An easy-to-use 3D experience for one billion remote workers and three billion gamers. The presence in ROOM creates serendipidous moments and social interaction no text-based system can offer. There is a ROOM for everyone. Choose a place that inspires you and invite others to present or share things in a productive and secure setting.

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