Empowering real presence.


To fulfill our mission of creating the Internet Of Life™, we have created RealityOS™, the technological base which powers our products.

RealityOS™ is a software platform providing an abstraction of reality and computing resources through virtualization technologies. With this technology, we are unifying access to the virtual world by replicating reality — not only graphically but through incorporation of physics and additional characteristics further enriched by sensor data from various real-world elements, as well as simulation and AI services.

RealityOS™ thus enables augmentation of both the real and virtual world through spatial and context-aware AI and simulation services running in private and public clouds: the real world is augmented virtually through computations which provide further data about “real” elements; the virtual world is augmented by further sensor data from the “real” world.

RealityOS™ further manages the interactions between people, machines and purely virtual elements through the aforementioned virtual world system.

RealityOS™ leverages 3D computing principles, distributing computing tasks cloud-to-edge, minimizing latency and optimizing use of computing resources.

RealityOS™ can be used to power a variety of devices, such as wearable devices, mobile devices, cameras or other visual imagery devices, etc.

RealityOS™ can be used in a plurality of applications, such as the remote management of operations of a manufacturing plant, in entertainment, 3D communications, virtual visits, remote work, education, medical field, etc.


ROOM is the first manifestation of the Internet of Life™. It is metaverse powered by RealityOS™, where real people love to meet, collaborate, create, or just talk.

UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention

As a service for the UAE Ministry of Health and Prevention, we have developed and launched the world’s first metaverse customer service center. Powered by RealityOS™, this project spearheads the process of revolutionizing traditional methods of patient-provider communication.