Life should shape digital.
Not vice versa.

We create the
Internet Of Life™

The TMRW Foundation is creating The Internet Of Life™, a vision for Web3 that will augment reality with 3D communication in ways never seen before. It will also augment the digital space with realism, true identity, interaction and democratization of location that benefits society as a whole. The technical base The TMRW Foundation has created for this endeavour is called RealityOS™.

Our Mission

By Cevat Yerli

I started building video games at the age of 12. Six years later — in 1996 — my dream was to build video games professionally, and I began working on a passion project under the name Crytek. Crytek was founded in 1999, in my parents’ living room in Coburg, Germany. I had only one goal: building the best video game out there. I wanted to use Crytek to build something with my own hands that was better than the games we had grown up playing. We had to change the way we create — and our approach to creation itself. What followed was an amazing journey. It took us from amateurs to market leaders, from a living room to offices around the world, from a line of code to the world’s leading 3D engine — one that transformed the gaming industry and fundamentally changed the way people create games today.

One generation later, my wife gave birth to three wonderful children. They fundamentally changed my perspective on life and what really matters. When I started out as a gamer, my peers and I were the only ones living in virtual worlds. Today, my children enter virtual worlds with literally everyone else. Our kids are growing up on a planet of gamers, with 3 billion people using video games today, and 6 billion or more gamers within the next generation.

I believe our childrens' generation will create exponential growth in the virtual world – all while building back and reducing growth and consumption in the physical. I want to use my experience to make the world better for them. I want to build creation and gamification into our world and everyday life, and enable a people-empowering approach to data ownership, with transparency and security at its center which results in technology that unlocks the full potential of everyone – so that everyone can be the best version of themselves, both in physical and in virtual worlds.

The first internet brought us Information with the likes of Google, Wikipedia and all kinds of Information at your fingertips. The second internet wave, ignited by Facebook and boosted by smartphones, was about connecting with people. We could get in touch with people from anywhere. Now that we find information, and can connect with people, I do think its time to build relationships by getting together.

This vision has led my mission to build the third generation of the internet, which I call the “Internet Of Life”. The Internet Of Life™ is a realistic Metaverse, with real presences of people, not of anonymous avatars. With social 3D computing at its center, the Internet Of Life™ enables natural, sustainable and real-time participation in the worlds of business, education, politics, sports, and entertainment. Social 3d computing is about adding new dimensions to our connections. It’s about emotions, depth of interaction, empathy, presence, and identity. I am convinced that The Internet Of Life™ — the most human way to experience life-like engagement over the internet — will accelerate digital transformation, enable job growth and eliminate borders. It democratizes location and empowers freedom of choice, enabling resilient economics.

To build with others on this mission, I created The TMRW Foundation, a hybrid tech company that focuses on technologies, products and services that combine communication, gamification, digitalization, and urbanization. By systemic design, the more people create with and use The Internet Of Life™, the more everybody contributes to a better planet, empowerment for all and sustainable profits.

I am immensely proud of the 75+ people that have joined me on this journey since its inception in 2017. And I invite you to become one of them.

You can reach me at and @realtimecevat. Thank you.

What's happened so far


Cevat Yerli founds The TMRW Foundation.


The world premier of the Internet Of Life™! A virtual experience by the Jacques Rougerie Foundation under the high patronage of HSH Prince Albert II of Monaco and powered by RealityOS™.


Following the reveal, ROOM is featured in major publications in France: AFP and France 24 report, Paris Match dedicates an entire supplement to the new technology.


ROOM makes a debut at the SXSW Conference.


ROOM enters closed beta and is available to the public for the first time.


TMRW reveals the world's first metaverse customer service center as part of UAE's Ministry of Health & Prevention in Dubai.

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