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Our Company

Founded in 2017, The TMRW Foundation is a forward-thinking for profit foundation with deeptech 3D, virtual and augmented reality, virtual twin, and AI-powered products with over 300 patents in its portfolio. TMRW’s philosophy is centered around protecting and improving our planet, empowering people und creating only then the most resilient and sustainable forms of profits. We intend todo so by focusing on the unlocking of the world’s potential, removing boundaries and facilitate the creation of strong relationships.

Our Vision

The TMRW Foundations vision for the next Internet is the Internet of Life™: Getting together, accessing places and real people without traveling. Powered by RealityOS™, it will push the world’s potential, break down boundaries and unlock the unlimited potential of human interaction to build new relationships. We will bring the world together to build a better world.

The TMRW Foundation Debuts The Internet Of Life™ At GITEX GLOBAL 2022

The TMRW Foundation Debuts The Internet Of Life™ At GITEX GLOBAL 2022As XVERSE Headline Sponsor, TMRW Debuts Lifelike 3D Communication Solution Based On Proprietary New TechnologyDUBAI. October 10, 2022 – The TMRW Foundation is partnering with GITEX GLOBAL 2022, the world’s largest tech and startup event, to premiere ROOM, its lifelike 3D communication solution, and offer

ROOM is now available for beta users

ROOM is now available for beta usersROOM is a part of the Internet Of Life™, a metaverse where real people love to meet, collaborate, create, or just talk. You are transported into this virtual space as a cut-out video stream with no need for VR equipment or avatars – a spatially immersive meeting experience no

The Founder

Cevat Yerli created his first computer game at age 12. Starting his company Crytek at age 19 was a childhood dream - one which disrupted the gaming industry with the world’s first real-time 3D platform. It remains the benchmark today. Cevat now leads The TMRW Foundation, developing the Internet of Life™ to shape the future of human interaction.

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